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Your Excuse Is Your Destiny - Grasshopper

We all make excuses but what we, too often, fail to notice is that we blueprint our destiny with each repetition.

Our lot in life is built brick-by-brick by the justifications of our behavior that even we don't believe.
Change won't arrive until you are out of excuses. Pray that it arrives before it's too late.
Reminds me of a story . . . For lack of a better description, I used to work with an arrogant, obese, chain smoking, know-it-all who would expound on the "nonsense" associated with healthful eating and the dangers of smoking. There was no doubt that this man was brilliant and was a master of weaving words. He also weaved his own destiny.
There were the remarks at his funeral of "dying too young" and "it was his time," but the truth was buried with him - his excuses were his demise.
Destiny sneaks up on us and it has no mercy. It's following a blueprint that we sketch and ignore. Our saving grace is to redraw it beginning on the ground floor.
What excuse are you repeatedly offering? Polite people may not point it out, but it's like a giant cold sore on your lip - hard to miss.
It's like The Grasshopper said moons ago, "Find your excuse and you find your problem."
Don't address the problem and know your destiny.
Just examine the excuse you offer most often and you can easily see the breadcrumb trail to your destiny.
"That won't happen to me" is the phrase that makes destiny laugh.
Quell the laughter by noticing your excuse. It's the first step in making it go away. Addressing the behavior the excuse is covering up is your path to a new destiny - one of your choosing, not one of excusing.
Bottom line: Destiny won't accept your excuse.
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