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A Well Developed Life Is Like A Photograph - Grasshopper

Photographers have an expression they use: Light illuminates; shadows define. There would be no photograph without light and no appreciation of the light without shadows. That’s a metaphor for life.

Life is light and each life gets clouded over with shadowy challenges. Without challenges, we can’t be defined. Shadows are what make us human; how we address those trials decides how well we develop.
Shadows are our tests. And remember this: Dark doesn’t exist on it’s own; dark is only the absence of light. Knowing that, we can view our dark shadows as reminders that we need to let in more light.
“A well developed life is like a photograph,” means that in order to get a photograph we’re pleased to put in the album, we need to balance the shadows with light when addressing our plight.
When the scene seems too dark, seek out your source of light. It’s always there behind the clouds. Use your creativity to let in more light. Explore all the angles of approach rather than dejectedly cursing the darkness from one point of view.
Shadows are not to be damned, only appreciated. They complement our life and define how resourceful we can be in finding that picture perfect light.
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