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When You Get The Answer, You Stop Wrestling With The Question - Grasshopper

How much clock time do we spend in our lives looking for answers? If thinking is the number one preoccupation of humans, then looking for answers has to be next.

This is the time of the year that people make and break resolutions. They are looking for answers and resolving is the method of choice. It has a dreadful rate of success. The word resolve when broken into syllables is "re-solve." We attempt to re-solve our situations in the exact same way that didn't work before - thinking. That angle of approach has to change or the same brick wall gets another hunk of our flesh.


The common, accepted method of solving our situations is struggling with the problem. The notion seems to be that if we sweat enough bullets we will come up with an answer. Here's the only clue needed to know that you are on a trail to nowhere: If the answer you come up with continues to pose questions, then you are still derriere deep in dilemma.


Real answers come when there is a spontaneous suspension of thinking where courses of action push all the questions aside. You experience a deep knowing accompanied by precious peace of mind. There are no second thoughts and the internal debate and the interrogation cease.


Have you ever experienced a time when a course of action was crystal clear? It was an "Ah-Ha" moment that caused you to take the necessary strides where you were guided every step of the way. Notice you had no afterthoughts about taking that path. Even more important, there were no thoughts at all when you received your answer.


Questioning is a valuable practice. But once asked, it's time to let it go and make room for an answer. The Grasshopper posed this question to me years ago, "Do you have to explain 2+2 to a math professor?" That's exactly what we do when we continue to petition via plea, prayer or use interrogative. God is not deaf or stupid. He got it the first time and immediately sent you an answer.


Have you ever answered an email with a detailed explanation and plan of action for the questioner and have it returned with a message that read, "So and so is not accepting email from"

The same thing happens when you put the emphasis on the wrong end of the equation - the question. Yes, the question needs to be asked to spark the creative process, but the repetition of it keeps the focus on the question when what you really want is an answer.

The answer is out there in cyber space just waiting for your inbox to accept it. Once asked, the answer is instantly provided. The delay or non delivery is always caused by us and our need to think that we have to think our way to an answer. It is the pride of the ego that stands in the way of a solution.

Quieting of the questioner is always the avenue to an answer. Many of us rarely go down that path because the environment seems too isolated and unpopulated based on our conditioning. This quiet cove in the woods is where all the treasures are. Once you cast the costume jewelry aside and experience an original precious stone, you will never question its authenticity.

There are enough pathways to quiet contemplation to find one that works best for you. Get curious about spending more time at the fishing hole that actually has fish and hook in to the peace and solitude that provides unquestioned answers.


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