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Rivers Have Beds But They Don’t Take Naps - Grasshopper

Did you ever notice that nature is effortlessly efficient in what it does? ?" No complex instruction manual needed. Simply put: Nature doesn't waste energy; it doesn't tire itself out.

There is no better model to follow when going from Point A to Point B than the one nature provides. It simply takes the fewest steps and uses the least effort.
We make living so complicated. We add steps that are so unnecessary in living our lives. One of the biggest wastes of energy in humans is that of living in a state of upset. How tiring.
Everyone gets upset, but some have made it into an art form.
The mission, as I see it, is to go from being upset to being more tranquil in the shortest period possible.
When we add steps and elongate our upsets, we live in the land of drama - the biggest drain on energy known to mankind.
Oftentimes, people are already upset before you even arrive and become their convenient donkey to pin a "tale" on.
If you hold grudges, you live in a state of upset.
Who is getting tired out most by your upset? You!
And your continued justification of it, tires out those around you as well. Frankly, they're tired of hearing it.
One way to shorten the storm is to notice that you're upset. Just notice the condition in you, not the cause. If you focus on the perceived cause, that's adding unnecessary steps.
Take the "because" out of your upset and allow yourself to feel the sensation itself in your body. This is giving upset the attention it really desires because your body wants to dissipate this energy as quickly as possible. When you take time to feel your upset, you set the stage to metabolize this dramatic waste of energy.
We have been conditioned to talk a blue streak about our upsets, never noticing that that strategy keeps them in place.
This is not suggesting to hold in your upset. It's totally natural to express being upset. If you truly have an issue with someone, address it. You'll live longer. This is more of a strategy to return to even keel before you drown in your sorrows.
Reminds me of a story . . . I like to play golf with my friend, Chris. We probably play less than ten times a year and we are equally inept on the links. The thing I like about Chris is that when he hits a poor shot, he expresses his dismay and doesn't put on a high school play.
Others I've played with will make their errant shot the launching pad for a torrent of tirades that are just unnecessary and, more importantly, counter-productive. Their game from that point forward begins to circle the drain and their vortex takes anyone within shouting distance with them.
Notice that thunderstorms are short-lived. Think of them as nature's way of being upset. Learn from nature that nothing needs to be added to express and fully feel your upset. By following nature's lead, you'll get to see more rainbows sooner.
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