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Moments Are Like Identical Twins - No Two Are Alike - Grasshopper

When we lump moments together or compare one to another, we miss the snowflake quality each moment brings.

This moment holds all the promise of any other moment. Any baseball fan knows this quality of a moment when they fully feel, in a spring training moment, that this is the year for their team. Just look at Chicago Cubs fans if you need to validate the promise of a moment.
The thing that is nearly impossible to wrap our mind around is that any moment can never be recreated. You can certainly have a memory of a moment, but it won't be that moment; it will be this one. You can envision a future moment, but it won't be that moment; it'll be this one.
The piece of information that's valuable to take away from these recognitions is that this moment - the one you are in - can never be exactly reproduced. That begs the question: "What are you doing with this moment?"
If you are busy comparing it to one that was better, you are wasting the moment.
When we believe that all moments are alike, we rob ourselves of the individuality of the moment. Ask any set of identical twins if they're alike and you will find out quickly how different they are.
This moment has an individual fingerprint - an impression that no other moment can lay claim to.
Every moment holds the promise of a new beginning.
Ask yourself again, "What am I doing with this moment?"
Each moment has something to teach us. Each moment enriches our awareness. The amount of moments that we waste on what was or what could be takes away from the special quality only this moment can bring.
When you find yourself in your head, you are wasting the moment. If you are in there attempting to think things through, you are taking a precious resource, this moment, and reducing it to another piece of dreck on the mountainous landfill of wasted moments.
The thing to remember is that this moment is the only one where action can take place. You can only decide in the current moment.
Make the effort to treat every moment as the one you've been waiting for. This approach opens you up to what each moment has to offer. Each moment is an invitation to discover something new.
If your angle of approach is, "It's always the same old shit," you've missed the opportunity to find the uniqueness that each moment brings.
How are you using your moments? Chances are they are using you if you fail to recognize the promise each moment offers.
Staying in the moment takes work. No one has perfected a way to do it all the time, but those who work at it make more use of their moments than the rest.
If you knew you only had a few moments left, how would you use them? My guess is they would become more precious to you and you would use them more wisely.
Start noticing how precious each moment is and you'll stop wasting your abundant natural resource - the ability to be in this moment.
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