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When You Say, 'I'll Never Get Over/Used To It,' You're Referring To The Thought Not The Event - Grasshopper

Those thoughts come from your ego, not you. Thoughts from the real you will never keep you stuck. Additionally, you will never fully appreciate life until you discover that it's not your life to begin with. Just this subtle shift of awareness will have you making less attempts at getting used to things, and open you to inspiration that gets you unstuck - moving you forward in life.

Most events that happen in life are not within our control. It's reality doing what reality does - showing up. Our non-stop, chatting ego pretends to be in control and masquerades as us and our life. There is no "our life." There is only life itself which imbues each one of us, but our ego tells us that what goes on inside the walls of our mind is our life. It's only a re-presentation of life.

What you think about a situation is not a hard reality. It's a comment on reality. It's the way  brains are wired. Some stimulus from the past may trigger a visual memory to which we have a feeling response, and then we select a word or phrase from our vocabulary to describe that feeling. It's basic math. The comment is always the last thing to happen. It's like Dr. Dave Dobson says, "Words are the caboose on the choo-choo of life." The thought is at the bottom of the food chain and it is more than once removed from the reality and life itself.

Dwelling on our thoughts is where all of our problems stem from. It's never the situation (reality) that's upsetting. It's the thought about the situation that's keeping our upsetness in place.

Could the answer to, "What is the meaning of life?" be - to discover that there is no separation from the life that is living you and the life that is living me? The idea of separation is a thought form the ego created. It keeps us caught up in the world of thoughts and separation vs. focused on the reality and unity of life that presents itself each moment.

So, as the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) people tell us, we are operating on the map, not the territory.

So how does all of this information help me elude my nagging thoughts about my pile of bills, or deal with my couch potato spouse, or help me with other challenging events in my life?

First, know there are two kinds of thoughts - those that come from conditioning and the ego and those that come from the real you.

The best way to tell the difference is that there is no emotional baggage with a thought from the real you.

Lets say you are thinking about leaving a relationship. The pro and con thoughts are coming from the intellect and its controlling evil twin, the ego. Each pro and con thought has some emotional weight which keeps you weighed down. Even if you do make a decision from this mindset, the weight of the decision will stay with you - possibly for a lifetime.

When an answer comes from the real you, it will have the force of creation behind it and any action you take on this revelation will be free from egoic recrimination. You won't have to decide. The decision will make you and it will be as natural as breathing.

Second, learn to interrupt the thoughts from your ego. Just the process of noticing a thought and interrupting it, gives you more access to the real you. When you continue this noticing and interrupting exercise, you will make room for inspirational thoughts to pop in.

Constant internal chit-chat is a blockage to the real you getting through. Quieting of this little dictator called the ego, opens you to the one life that is you and the divine guidance it offers.

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