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We Too Often Offer Evidence For Who We Aren’t - Grasshopper

How often have you heard a statement like: "I'm not anything like my mother"? Notice two things:
1.       It's a comparative declaration.
2.       It's a statement about who you aren't.
Those types of statements are always diversions leading us away from who we are.

Too often our focus is on who we are not. "I don't eat red meat" is a statement about who you aren't. "I don't drink alcohol" reports more about who you are not and less about who you are.
Many people use the following justification for not having money: "Rich people waste money on unnecessary and frivolous things." The implied statement is that you don't do that. That's offering evidence for who you aren't.
Who you are is not an opposite of who you aren't. Who you are has no opposite; who you aren't is filled with dichotomies.
Who you are is the sum total of all possibilities - known and unknown. Pure and simple, who you are is a cauldron of creativity. Every time you declare who you are not, you reinforce a conditioned belief and shut off direct access to the primordial soup of all possibility.
This is in no way suggesting that you create a list of affirmations declaring who you are. That just sets up more opposition from who you are not.
This is more of a suggestion to get to the hand holding stage with the idea that you are limitless creativity. Hand holding, when practiced, often leads to deeper connections.
How do you begin the process? Begin to notice how often you declare who you are not. That is a surface skill that keeps you compared to others. There is no comparison to who you are.
Think of who you are as a current that flows through you, rather than it being the physical entity of your body or the conditioned beliefs you have adopted. Who you are is not your body, your personality, how many people that like you, how much money you make, or what a gifted performer or great parent you are. They all have comparisons.
In order to get the creativity of who you are to flow more freely, it's necessary to outgrow who you aren't.
Everyone has access to who they are. It all comes from the same place - a place of no comparison. No one is entitled to more than another. It's socialism and capitalism rolled into one. Everybody's entitled to have as much as they want.
The price of admission is letting go of who you aren't.
This is not a pep talk to think positive. This is an exercise in noticing. Notice how often you declare who you are not. Just the mere act of noticing this conditioned behavior, opens the door a crack to unconditioned creativity.
Begin to notice how often you declare who you aren't. Your assumption is that you are the opposite of what you have declared you are not. That is quite limiting and only gives you one option - to be the opposite. What if you could be all the options? How much more creative would you be?
Saying that you are the sum of all options is only lip service until you discover it for yourself. Experience your reservoir of creativity by taking apart who you aren't as often as you notice.
Failure to be who you are is a conditioned response. You are too busy reacting to who you aren't to notice that who you are is waiting to be discovered.
Today's the day to notice and forget to remember who you aren't.
All the best,

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