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To Get More, Let More - Grasshopper

We've all heard the cheesy line from a movie where the character says. "I want to be somebody." The thing most often overlooked is that they are already somebody – somebody they don't want to be. They want to be more.

Ask any hairdresser, the person with wavy hair wants it to be straight and the straight haired person wants more body. The level of dissatisfaction we live with is self-induced. We assess ourselves as not enough and we go looking to add something - something that promises us more.
It's a broken promise that keeps on giving.
You can't buy character, empathy, forgiveness, self-esteem, peace or love. They aren't for sale. But you can get more of each of them and a whole lot more by letting them out.
You came with all the requisite software. You own it, but you may not use it because you don't know it's there.
Fill in the blank. I'm not _________________ enough. The blank is a diversion. It diverts your attention to who you aren't rather than who you are. The missing ingredient has us look outside ourselves to add something.
A person may say, "I'm not assertive enough." They may go take a class on assertiveness and then they go and try it out. They generally have more misses than hits, because it's someone else's idea of assertiveness that they've adopted. It doesn't sound right and it doesn't feel right for them. They appear to others like a disingenuous politician who's been coached to use hand gestures that aren't natural for them.
You have your own brand of assertiveness and your own brand of everything else for that matter. You just have to let it out.
It begins by knowing you already own whatever trait you need. This is an exercise in trust and it has to be repeated over time in order to witness your innate power deliver more.
Here is another version of The Grasshopper's message: To get more out of yourself, you have to let more out of yourself.
This means you don't need to be anybody other than who you are. You are just fine. You may notice that "Fine" rhymes with "Divine."
We get caught up in our conditioned reactions which lead us down a false trail that says we're lost - which is another way to say we're "not enough."
These conditioned reactions take on a life of their own and keep us from exploring deeper responses that are always available. It's the deeper response that allows you to be more of who you are.
The act of choosing a response to a stimulus rather than going with our conditioned reaction is the gift of "Free will." It's a gift you can give to yourself every day. The regular use of this gift is what allows you to be more.
You always have a choice. Since we mostly choose less by sticking with our conditioned reactions, we are blinded to the choice of response which delivers so much more.
If you are dissatisfied with yourself, you are living a life of "Poor Me." Your impoverished state is based on not recognizing your ability to respond. You're like the beggar sitting on a chest filled with diamonds.
Your enrichment begins when you choose to be more than your patterned reactions. This tiny little shift in recognition opens the door to more. Reactions are roadblocks to responses. Responses want to be let out, but can only do so when let go of our automated reactions.
Examine your programmed reactions. They are what keep you in place.
Then, take the time to respond and let more out with this magic wand.
All the best,
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