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The Fear To Act Is The Fear To Fail; Lots Of Action Is The Fear Of Death - Grasshopper

Laziness is a fear as is non-stop activity. These opposite behaviors mask the driving fears behind them.

People who procrastinate or who are flat out lazy, are scared to death. They are frightened they will fail. This paralyzing fear keeps them immobile or many steps behind the rest.
They often have no vision, other than grandeur, and that's too big a mountain to climb; so why even take the first step?
The lazy among us act from a mindset that we're incapable of getting, and in many cases, undeserving of that which we seek. No one seeks out laziness. It's a byproduct of limited possibilities. Laziness also feeds on itself. The less you do, the less you want to do.
Over on the other side of the fence is the person of non-stop activity. They work to keep from dying. The more they do, the less they have to be alone with their dark thoughts. Businesses love these types because they automatically take up the slack and do the work the lazier folks take their good old time getting around to.
The person addicted to doing one thing after another from dawn 'til dark is attempting to numb themselves from the scary thoughts of aloneness and demise. This numbing process often includes copious consumption of adult beverages and/or illicit drugs.
The couch potato and the perpetual motion machine are both in need of the same discovery -
You'll notice that "Depth" is one letter off from "Death." There's a relationship. (More in a minute)*
The active and inactive alike will talk over top of their feelings. They will always attempt to explain away, rather than scrape away, the glue that keeps them stuck. When you consistently explain yourself, you cannot access your depth. Depth requires mental silence.
The person who is constantly active, no matter how religious they may seem to be, doesn't believe in any form of Divinity. They can teach Bible classes, be a Lama, Imam, or a Rabbi, but it's a smoke screen. They have no belief in their depth, which is their godliness.
Their mind cannot entertain that there is something deeper than who they are in their head. They believe they get no help and have to achieve everything all by themselves. And they believe if they slow down, they fall behind, becoming prime pickings for the Grim Reaper. This fear leads to activity because inactivity means death - the death of the independent entity I think I am.
The "slow to act" also lack the divinity of depth. It's not that they don't believe in God; they feel abandoned by this animating energy. Godly gifts are the things they believe they are unworthy of, even though they may pray up a storm. The unindustrious already believe they are dead; it's just not official yet. They're dead to the truth that they are deeper than they think.
The idea of who you are must die in order to make room for depth to enter your life. That which you defend about you must die.
When you become defenseless, depth enters your life. There is no fa├žade to protect anymore - no image to prop up. You drop the fear of being found out, and in doing so, discover your depth.
When you find your depth, you discover you do have help, and find out first-hand that you've never been abandoned.
The discovery of depth begins with recognizing you are not the thoughts you have in your head. You're deeper than that. Your thoughts pretend to be you. They are like stick drawings painted over an ancient work of art. Once you crack a little corner of that surface paint, you begin to discover the deeper masterpiece known as you below.
This deeper you is not waiting to die or fearing death. Its only mission is to give you abundant life while you live.
Start noticing the thoughts pretending to be you. Every time you observe rather than participate in your thoughts, you dig a little deeper. The result is you find that you don't have to run ahead or lag behind to fully participate in life.
When you discover your depth, you move at the proper pace - with the current of life.
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