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If You Canít Find It Here, You Wonít See It There - Grasshopper

Thereís a plausible explanation for the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and for anything else thatís not showing up in your life.

Whatís missing in your life? There are lots of answers we get when asking that question. It is particularly useful to notice the answers that keep coming to the top of our list. They provide the treasure map.
Itís too easy to finger point at circumstances when we attempt to explain away why we donít have what we want. That approach keeps us circling around the treasure and never finding where to dig.
What you will find, when you set the blame aside, is that what you are searching for is missing from you. Back to the rich for a minute . . . you have to have it to get it.
Yes, it seems unfair but it is a reality. There is no law that can be passed that will change this immutable universal law. In street lingo it goes like this ĖďIf you donít got it, you donít get it.Ē
So where do I get me some?
Right where you are!
Please donít confuse this with finding what you donít have by imaginarily manufacturing what you do want. The real secret is that strategy will keep you searching.
So letís look at the often talked about topic of abundance. It seems the bookshelves are filled with volumes designed to get you some. They run the gamut. Some are tedious, financial manuals with step-by-step instructions; others are a couch potatoís dream Ė all dreaming and no work.
The key to finding abundance, or anything else thatís missing, is to find it in you.
Do you find people to be ungrateful? Find the gratefulness in you. Do you lack abundance? Find the abundance within you. Are you looking for love? Find the love in you.
Itís all there, waiting to be discovered.
The list of things you donít have points you in the direction to where to find them - inward.
Rather than spending time specifically envisioning your fully staffed 160 foot yacht, find the part of you that feels wealthy and celebrate with it.
Find the part of you that feels love and embrace it.  Find the acceptance in you and youíll be accepted.
Find the courageous part of you and you can stand tall, together.
Things will remain missing in your world as long as they remain missing in you. The truth is theyíre not missing at all Ė just covered over.
When you discover these parts of you have always been there, itís time to set a play date with each one of them. Notice them, feel them and celebrate with them.
Itís the sensation within that drives manifestation without.
You can still set up your list of specific desires; just donít spend all your time daydreaming about them. That will keep you wanting.
Rather, spend your time discovering the parts of you that make things happen. Donít ask them for anything specific; just get in the habit of being in their company and enjoying the experience. These enriching visits will have a transformative effect in your outer life.
If you lack creativity, find your creative part and have tea together. If you procrastinate, find the part of you thatís always on time and synchronize watches.
It always contributes to your growth when you play with those more skilled than you. They will challenge you to bring yourself to another level.
You own every attribute you need to succeed. You just have to uncover it and spend time with it.
Rubbing elbows with your inner talents leads to less striving and more thriving with less elbow grease.
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