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Reality Check - Grasshopper

I walked out the door this morning to some rainy, chilly, windy, weather. My favorite football team will be playing up the road from me later in the day in this same weather. My question to myself was, "This is the weather the quarterback has to pass in?"

The longer it remained an incredulous question, the more drama it would instill. I'm hoping that the quarterback, if he had such a question like mine, would quickly turn it into a statement of reality and remove the drama.
His reality statement would be: "This is the weather I have to pass in." It then becomes a fact a reality that needs a plan to be dealt with. If it remained a "poor me" question, chances are he would do poorly.
It's more than "make lemonade out of lemons." It's a strategy to avoid the life-sucking drama that resisting reality always delivers.
You don't have to be a football fan to benefit by this strategy. Just make an effort to become more aware of drama inducing thoughts and interrupt and replace them with an unemotional reality statement. Reality statements lead to clearer thinking. Options are no longer opaque.
You don't ever have to like what reality delivers but if you just react to it, it's going to be an unproductive period in your life. Reality statements allow you to choose a response and not be locked in by an automatic reaction.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I'm a lousy golfer. I play but 10 times a year and rarely play well. It does not affect my mental outlook. I love playing the game, regardless of my score. What I witness in some others is their reaction to hitting a bad shot. It goes something like this: "Oh God, I'm awful. The lessons I'm taking are not paying off. This weather is too hot for me to play my best. The foursome ahead of us is playing too slow and it's affecting my game." Once you have your initial reaction to a shot, it's time to shift gears and get back to reality and play the game, not shift into drama and blame. Staying with the negative commentary introduces drama and your chances of getting back on track are slender.
We're all going to have initial reactions to reality. The quicker we turn them into reality statements, the sooner we can move forward. Drama always takes you backward.
Here's how you can enrich yourself immediately. Write yourself a "Reality Check," one that allows you to cash in on what's actually happening vs. what should be happening.
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