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The Shadow Knows - Grasshopper

I have this interesting, far out notion that shadows are the real us, and that our physical body is the hand puppet of our shadow. Think of the shadow as the battery (animating force) and we are its public face.

When there is an absence of light, notice that we donít see our shadow. That means when weíre in the dark, we donít have access to our natural self. Iím reminded of the lyrics from an old Motown song: WHAT BECOMES OF THE BROKENHEARTED. ďI walk in shadows searching for light, cold and alone, no comfort in sight.Ē


Notice, also, that our shadow is not a solid thing. Think of it as our spirit, something that doesnít have physical structure, but contains invisible fuel.


A lot of people donít realize they have a spiritual shadow Ė a force of creation.  Once discovered, we leave the shadows and head into the light where we can fuse our body and our shadow.


We found out from fictional Peter Pan that we are incomplete without our shadow. The reality is that we swim against the tide when our silhouette is not by our side.


If youíre looking for a song title to remind you to merge your physical body and your spirit, consider ME AND MY SHADOW.


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