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Lifeís Poker - Grasshopper

You may be opposed to gambling but youíre given a hand to play every day.

Do you have a winning hand or a losing hand? It really depends on the day, and you really have no say.


The dealer is reality and the cards donít come out in a predictable order. This leads us to the axiom, ďPlay the hand thatís dealt.Ē Thatís the strategy that has the best chance of getting us to a win.


How silly would it be to pretend you had a pair of kings instead of a pair of twos? Thatís a diversion that keeps us from playing our hand.


Wishing we were dealt different cards has no effect on how the hand plays out. Nor does hoping, visualizing, or praying change our reality.


There is only one way forward: play the hand thatís dealt. Thatís responding to life.


Railing against reality will keep you stuck with a bad hand. ďWoe is meĒ is the biggest obstacle to moving forward. Itís a stalling tactic that has the odds stacked against it.


Responding vs. reacting to a lousy deal is the quickest way to the next hand Ė one that has a chance of winning.


Bet on this: Wishing it is the way it isnít is gambling away whatever chance you have of cashing in.


Cursing the dealer and winning is not in the cards.


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