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Fighting Battles That You Have Already Won - Grasshopper

One of my biggest shortcomings is going over the same trail Iíve blazed before. I find it exasperating.

How many times can you offer the same piece of solid, time-tested advice and have it ignored? Itís not like you donít have a track record of successes with that same piece of advice; itís just that others arenít willing to take you seriously. In short, they donít believe what youíre offering applies to them.


Breaking through that wall of denial is just too much work for me. I have arrived at the ďQue Sera SeraĒ stage of my life. Itís been a difficult transition.


Letting go of what you know is a tall order. Letting ďwhatever will be will beĒ take its place takes practice.


One of the blessings/curses I have in life is sensing what peoplesí problems are almost instantly after meeting them. Itís nothing I studied; it just comes to me naturally. The transition has been to finally realize I donít have to point out what I recognize.


In the past, I often thought I was doing the person a service. In reality, I was offering an unsolicited opinion. That rarely worked and was received as a personal affront. The words of my hypnosis teacher Dr. Dave Dobson now come to mind: ďAre they paying you?Ē


He didnít add the rest of the implied phrase: ďIf not, then shut up.Ē


The good news is: I donít have to abandon the skill, just only use it when itís requested.


People can still ignore my ďsage adviceĒ but it wonít be for free. And I can enjoy my new mantra: ďWhatever will be will be.Ē


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