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Feel Better - Grasshopper

Ever wonder how one personís affections gravitate from one to another? I donít know for sure but I have a suspicion.

Perhaps you changed best friends in school or partners in a relationship. What made the difference?


I believe itís how you felt in their presence. Short and sweet, you felt better in the new company than you did in the old.


What was the onset of the switch? You could make the case that you were either gravitating away from or gravitating towards a specific set of feelings. No matter what the initial impetus, the new association increased your elation.


We all set an environment that we live in and it may change over time. And during that transition, those in our sphere may not morph with us Ė setting up a scenario where they may decide whether to stay or go.


If they go, it will be in the direction of someone who makes them feel better, specifically about themselves.


Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I believe it comes down to being aware of the environment youíve created and noticing what effect itís having on those in your sphere. Then itís a matter of communication about whatís working and whatís not. If, on the other hand, you set and forget, theyíll forget about you.


Final thought: Years ago I wrote something I entitled ďOrbits Here is the last line from that piece: ďYour attention is the currency of communication. If youíre not spending it on the people or things in your orbit, you may soon find them moonwalking away from you.Ē


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