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Itís Easy To Hate - Grasshopper

The road to hatred is an easy walk. All you have to do is follow a bunch of angry, unhappy people and youíll get there with ease.

Who you surround yourself with, whether in person or by proxy, influences your mindset.


Iím uncomfortable around angry people, most of whom I find are filled with hate. I can sense it when Iím in their company or even reading their posts on social media and I turn on my heel and leave in a hurry.


Itís easy to hate, just hang around hateful people long enough. There are plenty of clubs or organizations you can join that will support your hatred. The old proverb, ďbirds of a feather flock togetherĒ illustrates this phenomenon.


I find itís harder to love but the results are exponentially more rewarding.


You have to work at hate or love. Which one are you working on?


I hate to say this but itís my experience that if youíre working on hate, youíll find that your body is more tense and that youíre sicker more often than need be.


Hatred fuels the constricting diseases like arthritis, heart ailments and high blood pressure. Donít believe me, just look at the people who have hated for a long time and notice their state of health.


Itís in your best interest to move away from hatred. Not only will it promote better health but youíll also love how you feel.


If you stay on the easy path of hatred, happiness will elude you for a lifetime.


Isnít it time to send your hatred packing? Doing so makes room for the love youíve been sorely lacking.


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