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Youíll Never ĎGet Overí Something Thatís Under Wraps - Grasshopper

Weíve all been told to ďget over it.Ē Itís a directive without directions.

Iím not sure I have a blueprint for getting over something, but I do have a starting point: examine whatís not being expressed.


What are you keeping down that wants to come up?


Itís a question worthy of an answer. The answer will bring your underlying issue to the light of day, where inspection and reflection alleviate the pressure of keeping it under wraps.


Once out from under, youíre at the starting point of getting over. I donít have the rest of the steps, only the first one. But itís like that famous Chinese philosopher said, ďThe longest journey begins by tying your sneakers.Ē


Begin the process of getting over it by taking the first step: acknowledge what wants to come up instead of pushing it down again.


Itís from this new vantage point that youíll begin the process of getting over that which has been plowing you under.


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