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Denial: Doubling Down On Dumb - Grasshopper

ďDenialĒ and ďDefensiveĒ go hand-in-hand and they grab on to the lamest justifications one can imagine.

Reminds me of a story Iíve told before . . .


My boyhood friend who turned into a lifelong drunk was lamenting why he wasnít as successful as he could be as a musician. He was in his late 30s at the time. The reason he wasnít successful was because, when he was 18, his father wouldnít lend him the money to buy the organ he wanted to play in his band.


Thatís doubling down on dumb!


When we are focused on our stories of denial, we deny ourselves the opportunity to see a way forward. Our stories trap us in the dark past where light is at a premium. When we defend our stories, we just shine a light on our ignorance.


Sad to report that my friend is now in his 60s and has been in and out of orange jumpsuits for DUI infractions too many times to count. Iím sure heís still telling the organ story, albeit through slurred words and denying that he has any culpability for his lot in life.


Just examine your excuses and find out how dumb they are.  What story have you been telling that keeps you in place? Examine how often you deny the logic thatís been presented to you time and again. If youíre getting the same results (which are no results at all), itís time to gather up the dumb stuff and put it in a U-Haul.


The truth about denial is you know youíre doing it, but deny you are.


If you want your fortunes to change, itís time for a trip to the dump to drop off your denial and find out first hand that dumb isnít forever.


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