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Dark Doesnít Turn Bright Without Light - Grasshopper

If you have made it through a dark night of the soul, you can attest that it was a light that shone which showed you the escape route.

For many, itís the morning light that clears out their night. For others, itís everlasting darkness no matter how sunny. This message is for the latter of the two.


My experience is that people caught up in darkness reinforce their darkness Ė by what they read, what they watch, what unsubstantiated beliefs they defend, what they talk about and what they donít do Ė seek light.


All they would have to do to step in a brighter direction is put their dark away for a day.


Stop watching, reading, musing and defending doom and gloom and the light will show up when you make that room.


Itís really an easy formula. Stop reinforcing the dark. Open the curtains, walk in the sunshine and leave the doom and gloom behind.


It takes some action on your part to seek the light and when you do, youíll experience more day than night.


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