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Suckle This: The Bosom of Being - Grasshopper

How much of our lives are spent on the receiving end of a dried up, cultural teat?

The chase is on and the rat race continues and seemingly no one asks, "Where are we going?" or more importantly, "What will we get if we get there?"


Consider this: Right now someone is driving a car they've always wanted, to a job they hate, but have to keep, in order to continue driving the car.

Where is the payoff?


It's long gone. The luster of the new car's shine and the feel of its comfy, plush interior and the purr of its powerful engine, along with the new car smell have been all but lost to the senses that have been dulled by the drive to arrive.

This race to anti-climatic goes on with other than materialistic desires as well. The "tomorrow" strategy is alive and well in just about everything we pursue. The thinking of "when this or that happens" I will be happy, satisfied or at peace is such a diminishment of the present moment.


Imagine for a moment that you have created a piece of software and that you have an opportunity to present it to Bill Gates of Microsoft right now in a hotel meeting room. But instead of going right into the meeting room, you run back to your hotel room to set the VCR so you can tape Oprah's new "Book Club" recommendation to view later. You sacrificed that moment for a future moment and missed an extraordinary opportunity.

You throw water on the fire of the current moment and its amazing possibilities every time you ignore it to get to a future moment.


We miss the sustenance provided by the Bosom of Being which is only available now.

Being isn't past or future. It's only now. It provides the fullness of every moment, but we're too busy looking to the fulfillment and things the next moment will bring.


If you look carefully and question yourself about your desires, you will find that the foundational reason you want them is to provide a certain feeling within you a feeling of joy, contentment, peace, satisfaction, etc.

That feeling is available right now but we ascribe it to the arrival of a future goal. We deny ourselves access to this feeling now by living in a time that doesn't exist, anticipating feeling that feeling then. This practice always insures we will suckle on an empty promise.


The Bosom of Being is the delivery system of all our nourishment. It's this undiluted sustenance that gives us the ideas, the strategies, and the serendipity to create our future. It gives us those gifts now. If you don't pay attention to now, you miss the gifts you were hoping to get in the future.

Send your desires to the Bosom of Being the quiet place of now, and let them feed on the nutrients that sustain their growth. This is what we've all been looking for, including Marie Antoinette - to have our cake and eat it too.


You can have the desired feeling now by nursing on the Bosom of Being while, at the same time, having it feed your future desires.

It's a two step realization:

1.       The feeling you desire is in you now. It's not attached to a person or materialistic desire.

2.       Your future goal will arrive with less delay when you send your intention to the quiet place of now the Bosom of Being.


Find your quiet place every day and nurture your now. This regular practice insures a future that has been fed from the Bosom of Being.


All the best,


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