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An Invitation To Live Is Issued When You Realize That Life Will Go On Without You - Grasshopper

My apologies to anyone counting on reincarnation but my sense is this is our one go-round inviting us to live now.

The life force that infuses you will never die, but you will. It will live on and you will be a memory. So the invitation is to make memories everyday Ė live life while youíre present to it.


Living in a mind created world of illusion robs you of the ever-present life thatís in you and everything around you. Waiting for life to happen is just pure waiting Ė waiting for that which may never be.


The invitation is to dance with the life thatís here now, before the music stops and you are no longer in a vehicle that hears, or sees or feels it.


Life will go on without you. Your invitation is engraved. It reads: ďDonít wait for that which may never come; instead, live life without the governor of modicum.Ē


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