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Knowing Is Not Found In Books - Grasshopper

What do you know? Thatís what people put in books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc. Ė what they know or think they know. But knowing canít be contained on a page.

Knowing is omni-dimensional, wider than wide and deeper than depth.


Books, films, instructional videos, symposiums and the like will get you to know more and that has value. But its value is miniscule compared to knowing.


Knowing registers as a feeling but itís not a feeling. The feeling is just a signal from your body that knowing is present. Knowing is always present but we donít always sense it.


My sense is that when we get that sensation, itís a signal from knowing that it wants us to know something without knowing how we know. For lack of a better label, letís call knowing ďintuition.Ē


We know so much more than we know. Itís as though we are walking icebergs Ė with what we know being the only part to show, with the bulk of knowing hidden below.


How do we tap into knowing? I think the first step is to recognize that we donít know much. That attitude leaves a space in our mind for knowing to enter rather than having it being crammed full with what we know.


After recognizing that we donít know, itís time to start giving credence to the notion that there is a part of us that does. Knowing is that part of us.


The final step is to petition knowing. Ask that part of you for assistance in knowing more about what you desire to know.


Make your request and then go about your business. You donít have to spend countless hours on bended knees petitioning; just make your request and trust that there is a part of you that knows the answer and will deliver it in due course.


Notice that your ďah-haĒ moments didnít come when you were thinking about them. They showed up when you werenít thinking. That should give you a clue that knowing likes to work in a quiet, uncluttered space. Create that space by letting go of what you know.


Get in the habit of making requests of knowing. Then quietly go about the business of living your life. Itís not a case of ďifĒ thereís an answer, knowing will give you one. There is always an answer and knowing will deliver it whether itís the one you were hoping for or not.


Knowing knows. If you want to know more, know less. It will open you up to knowing which has more moves than a Grandmaster in Chess.


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