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Pick One: Be Right or Be Happy - Grasshopper

Lots of us have an investment in being right. I just wonder if we ever did the arithmetic on how much happiness it costs us.

There is an old axiom in product sales: Price/Quality/Speed. You can only have two.

- If you want price and speed, quality will be sacrificed.

- If you choose price and quality, it will take a bit longer.

- If you want quality and speed, you will pay a hefty price.


My experience is we pay a hefty price for being right. Iím certain there are times when we are both right and happy, but Iím just as certain those times are as rare as ďSteak Tartare


So, basically, if you want one, you have to give up the other. So what do you want? Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? You canít have both.


It may surprise you that many people cling to being right even when faced with the reality that they canít have both. Somehow, they think they are special and that reality will give them a pass and allow them to have both. They suffer.


ďBut Iím right,Ē you argue. That argument will continue for a lifetime with little happiness in between.


Six years ago The Grasshopper reminded me, ďSome people would rather be right than happy. And preferring to be right, they are left out.Ē It remains truer now than ever before. There is a lot of heel digging going on and happiness has turned on its heel and left town.


The price of happiness is giving up being right. I, like you, have numerous Facebook friends who post the ďrightĒ thing constantly. Sadly, they arenít very happy people. Some of my most unhappy times had me being right more often than not.


Iím not suggesting that you give up your point of view; Iím suggesting that you neednít be so right about it. How many arguments have you had about being right? Years later, you may forget the content of the argument but you wonít forget how right you were.


Right is a repellent. My mother used a great phrase when she was at odds with someone and knew that it wasnít going anywhere. She would end being right by saying, ďI guess thatís why they make chocolate and vanilla.Ē


Are you willing to sacrifice being right to become happier? There is no right or wrong answer, only consequences.


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