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Your Saving Grace: Be Present To Reality - Grasshopper

No one or no thing is going to save you. Stop waiting to be rescued. You are your own first responder. Respond to the moment you are in and your own resources will see you through.

Dr. Dave Dobson taught us that we are our own best therapists. That didnít mean that we didnít seek help; it meant that when all was said and done, it was our situation to solve. He was fond of saying that no one can go to the bathroom for you.
When we are challenged, we go away to the land of ďNot Now.Ē We make an effort to escape the present and hide somewhere waiting for our savior to show up.
Pretending something isnít happening contains as much folly as waiting for a knight on a steed or someone else to do your deed.
Becoming present to your reality, rather than dodging it, presents you with options you wonít see hiding under the covers.
Itís OK to be afraid, just donít fall into the trap that someone else is going to take that fear away.
You are your own best resource. You find that out as you begin to face reality. All your methods of escaping the moment (insert your method of dulling your senses here) havenít solved your dilemma. Itís still waiting for you. It will stay until you face the day.
When you decide to no longer hide, you become present to your life as it is, rather than the way you wish it was. This presence opens you up to resources that have been there all along. These resources remain hidden when you stay in hiding.
To quote the classic song, Iíve Got You Under My Skin: ďUse your mentality; wake up to reality.Ē
We all love fairy tales. Our trouble begins when we start believing in them. The reality is this: Reality is going to show up each and every moment. Your saving grace is to be present when it arrives.
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