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I See In You What I Donít See In Me - Grasshopper

We can often see flaws in others that we miss in ourselves, but the opposite is equally true Ė I donít see the good in me that I see in you.

Weíve been conditioned to spot flaws, but not equally trained to see the upside, especially in ourselves.
We rebel against what people tell us is negative about ourselves which causes us to counter with whatís wrong with them. That discussion is now a dig-in-your-heels, defensive debate rather than a foundation for change.
Hereís the conundrum: You wonít fully discover your upside until you acknowledge your downside.
The process towards recognizing and realizing our upside begins by noticing and accepting our flaws.
The coveted upside you see in others also belongs to you, but youíll rarely see it if you canít accept the downside in vous.
It seems counter-intuitive until you try it, but accepting yourself, warts and all, is the portal through, which youíll see a much better you.
Accepting the downside is the upside. Itís freeing to recognize and acknowledge that we are flawed. Weíve been hiding that side from our view for way too long.
Accepting our flaws is NOT issuing the ďthatís just the way I amĒ defense. Thatís just more denial. Itís more of an acknowledgement about the current reality of you. Itís not an invitation to wear sackcloth but a springboard to see you in a brand new suit of clothes.
The good I see in you is also in me but Iíll never find it by pretending my flaws are out to sea.
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