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The Price Of Friendship Is Investment - Grasshopper

How invested are you in a relationship? Your answer will tell you the percentage of it working or not. Set-it-and-forget-it relationships ebb with the tide.

You may claim that someone is important to you, but if theyíre not getting an infusion of your capital (attention), the relationship is going to go bust.
Itís pretty simple: If you make no investments with other people, youíll eventually have no friends.
Filling your time with friendly activities is a distraction. You may surf the net or have a Facebook social life, but itís a poor substitute for giving your attention to another person.
I love email and the social networks but they can never compare with being there.
Itís fairly clear; if you spend all the money you make, you wonít have any when youíre not making any. Investing a portion of your capital makes fiscal sense. Investment in other people pays dividends as well. Theyíll be there when your social experiment fails.
Do others have a relationship with your image or do they have one with you? Itís the difference between superficial and deep, which means itís the difference between being acquainted and intimacy.
You wonít find closeness without investing your attention in another.
Itís like the old joke goes: Eugene is a city, but no man is an island.
Also, there a reason thereís never been a hit song called, ďTea for One.Ē
Final thought: If all your investments are in you, thereís no one to call when youíre feeling blue.
Invest wisely.
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