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Revenge Is Always a Sugar High - Grasshopper

When can you ever remember the "sweetness" of revenge lasting for more than a moment? Just how quickly does satisfaction disappear after you tell your boss to stuff it where the sun doesn't shine? I can tell you from personal experience that it feels great to speak your mind that way. Then you are immediately faced with no job and no paycheck.

The rush you get from revenge is shorter than the life span of a fruit fly, and the return on investment is anemic. There is no real benefit for either side with revenge just a temporary appeasement for your ego. And the ego will always want more because as the adage goes, "a taste of honey is worse than none at all."

So your appetite for this narcotic will increase and the downward spiral of seeking payback begins.

What part of you was really hurt by the circumstances that caused you to seek revenge? It was your ego. Your ego is a thin skinned, bundle of fearful thoughts driven by past memories (more thoughts). The ego is something you identify as "I."

"I" is an illusion that doesn't exist. It's artificial intelligence. "I" is a machine of looped recordings, movie clips and behaviors with your name and social security number attached and a conditioned stimulus/response personality. Your real intelligence begins to shine through only when "I" shuts down.

The real you would never seek revenge because its wisdom knows that revenge is like a knife that cuts in both directions. So in a vengeful attempt to make yourself whole, you fall into a hole that has more madness than Alice in Wonderland ever experienced.

The real sweetness that sustains life is always available within. When you seek this nourishing nectar outside of yourself, the effect will always be temporary. Take a peek inward and discover how sweet it is.

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